Month: December 2016

Episode 10: amazon go technology deep dive

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai take a deep dive into amazons latest viral news: amazon go. They look behind the curtain and discuss the technology behind it plus the impact it may has on the retail industry.

amazon go

amazons project website –

Amazon Go – A 3D Approach To Create Great Customer Experiences –

Amazon just opened a grocery store without a checkout line –

Amazon Go Will Not Kill Retail As We Know It –

Amazon won’t shake up your neighborhood store anytime soon –

Will Amazon Go replace jobs? ‘I don’t think we can stop it,’ author says –

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A Comparison of Agile Estimation Tools – Useful tools for remote teams

You can use various methods to estimate work items in Agile processes. One of the most popular methods is Planning Poker®, which has proven to be an easy-to-use tool. James Grenning developed it and Mike Cohn of Mountain Goat Software has popularized it. You can read more about alternative estimation tools in “9 Agile Estimation Techniques.”

The best version of the tool is one that allows the whole team to gather around a table, pass out physical card decks, put on your poker faces, and start. But it’s likely that today’s Agile teams are distributed, so physical poker decks can be of limited use. If everyone on the team, including remote teams, has their own poker deck, you still can play with the remote folks by showing their cards on camera. However, the fun of being there gets lost. If remote participants don’t have their own decks, and they have to show the number of estimation with their hands, it can get messy. (more…)