Episode 11: Progressive Web Apps and what they mean for ecommerce

This Week in eCommerce

In this episode Alex and Kai have a special guest – Pascal Precht (find him here on Twitter), who is a front end engineer and trainer and has long history with building sophisticated web applications. The three discuss in depth about the state of Progressive Web Apps, what they are capable of and what they still lack. Listening to this episode you get a nice overview of the topic and an idea, why this will matter to you in the future.

Progressive Web Apps Link List

General information in Progressive Web Apps on Google Developer –

General overview of Progressive Web Apps –

A Beginners Guide To Progressive Web Apps –

Progressive Web Apps Pros and Cons –

Examples of Progressive Web Apps –

Checklist for Progressive Web Apps on Google Developer –

Tutorial for writing your first Progressive Web App –

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Episode 10: amazon go technology deep dive

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai take a deep dive into amazons latest viral news: amazon go. They look behind the curtain and discuss the technology behind it plus the impact it may has on the retail industry.

amazon go

amazons project website –

Amazon Go – A 3D Approach To Create Great Customer Experiences –

Amazon just opened a grocery store without a checkout line –

Amazon Go Will Not Kill Retail As We Know It –

Amazon won’t shake up your neighborhood store anytime soon –

Will Amazon Go replace jobs? ‘I don’t think we can stop it,’ author says –

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Episode 9: Drones vs. Droids in ecommerce delivery

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the new delivery world for ecommerce – drones and droids. As the first companies are going into real world test runs, these options become more and more interesting for merchants. We take a deep dive and discuss what’s happening right now and how the future might look like.

Drones vs. Droids

Droids Not Drones Are the Future of E-Commerce Deliveries –

Domino’s is now testing a drone delivery program that drops pizza from the heavens –

Domino’s introduces ‘Dom the Pizza Bot’ for Facebook Messenger –

Amazon plans to start Drone Deliveries within 5 years “Somewhere in the World” –

Why We’re Still a Long Way Away From Drone Delivery for E-Commerce –

The Economics of Drone Delivery –

See the Flirtey Drone in action –

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Episode 8: Pokemon Go in retail and ecommerce, Amazon’s Prime Day 2016 and Sephoras Pocket Contour Class

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the Pokemon Go craziness and the implication it can have for retail owners and ecommerce. Also we make a short recap of Amazon’s Prime Day. The third topic is Sephora and it’s Pocket Contour Class.

Pokemon Go

Will Pokémon GO become a marketing platform for local businesses? –

Nintendo Shares Surge on Pokemon Go Juggernaut –

Retailers Scramble to Use Pokémon Go As Their Next Marketing Tool –

Why Retail-Minded Marketers Are Intrigued by Pokemon Go’s Forthcoming Ads –

Can Pokémon Go help brands catch consumers via sponsored locations? –

Amazon’s Prime Day

Prime Day 2016 was Amazon’s biggest day ever –

Amazon is using Prime Day discounts to entice Prime members to try newer Amazon services –

Amazon Prime Day’s record sales pretty much guaranteed Prime Day 2017 –

Amazon Prime Day’s mobile…

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Episode #6: Brexit and ecommerce, Oaklabs Magic Mirror @Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren and Zaras Self Checkout

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai talk about the Brexit (aka the UK leaves the European Union) and the impact that can have on the ecommerce world. Also Oaklab made it to the news – the company behind the Magic Mirror from Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren flagship stores. And finally we discuss if the self checkout approach of Zara is likely to be successful.

Brexit and ecommerce

What would Brexit mean for the UK’s ecommerce economy? –

Brexit’s Implications for the Digital Economy –

Wie der Brexit den Onlinehandel gefährdet – (German)

Schockstarre oder Chance? Der E-Commerce nach dem Brexit – (German)

OAK Labs Magic Mirror @ Rebecca Minkoff and Ralph Lauren

Inside LA’s new, futuristic store — magic mirrors included –

Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind –

Ralph Lauren, Oak Labs Debut Interactive Fitting Rooms –

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A Comprehensive Guide to Chatbots in Ecommerce

This Week in eCommerce


Chatbots are around for quite some time now

Even though it seems like chatbots are a new topic because they recently flood the news, they are around for quite some time now. The first chatbot was presented by Joseph Weizenbaum back in 1966. It was named ELIZA and was meant to show how computers and humans can communicate. It could simulate a dialogue with a psychotherapist, which it did by comparing the user input with its thesaurus, searching for a matching word and putting this in a preconstructed phrase. In this way it was already able to convince the users that it could understand their problems. However Weizenbaum did not claim that the system was in any way intelligent. Weizenbaums research goes back to the famous article by Alan Turing about “Computing Machinery and Intelligence“. But even if we don’t go back in time that far chatbots are not…

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Episode 5: Retail Automation, More on Payment and the Death of Apps

This Week in eCommerce

In this episode Alex & Kai talk more about the the actual development of the payment landscape, especially Apple Pay in the web and Samsungs further rollout. The automation of retail and logistics is another interesting topic, as well as we discuss the possible death of the app (as we know it).

More on Payment

Apple Pay Is Coming to All Shopify Stores This Fall –

Shopify leads slew of retail partners implementing Apple Pay for Web –

Apple takes on PayPal with Apple Pay on the web –

Samsung Pay launches in Australia to take on “tap-and-go” credit cards –

Facebook ups its ecommerce game by trialing payments for Pages –

PayPal advances mobile checkout convenience new One Touch log-in requirements –

Retail Automation

Should Retail Brace For Workforce Automation? –

Wal-Mart’s drone at a distribution center highlights efficiency –

Are Robots Better…

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Our new Podcast: This Week in ECommerce

Alex and I are excited to share that we just launched a weekly ecommerce podcast! Our plan with “This Week in ECommerce” is to record the podcasts on Sunday and publish it early on Monday for a quick update about the most relevant topics. During the week you can already follow our topic flow via@theecomweek.

We try to stay within 30 minutes to make it easy to listen in during your commute or morning run. Please let us know if we like it and what we can do better in the future!

The ecommerce innovation dilemma – one step further

I closely followed the interesting conversation between my colleagues Roman Zenner, Alexander Ringsdorff and Björn Schotte about innovations in the ecommerce sphere. I like to add my thoughts here.

First of all: the ecommerce system manufacturers are companies with a product themselves – not only suppliers. So it just doesn’t make any sense that the system manufacturers all say: “The innovation needs to come from the customers’ side.” To go back to the car industry comparison (that was already used in the discussion) it would be like every manufacturer building the same car and expecting the customers to customize it. While I’m writing this – it actually feels a bit like this in the ecommerce industry at the moment. From my last consulting projects, where I screened the existing solutions, it is pretty clear that the distinction between the system is really small by now. Why would you choose one system over the other? If you as a shop system manufacturer are in this state, you are in danger, since your product is pretty replaceable. The only thing that holds the merchants back to switch frequently is the investment in one platform that has been done. Imagine for a second that the switching costs and investment in a new platform would be nearly zero: would the merchants stay with the systems they have right now? And why would they? If you lose the competitive edge on innovating your product it is likely that someone else will come around the corner and eat your lunch. If you do not innovate, you lose the differentiation. All products consolidate over time and the distinction shrinks to a minimum – and so the competitive advantage. If you want to read more about innovation theory, go take a look at the works of Gary Hamel.