DVWA – a nice tool for learning about security for your site

Security is a topic that too short most of the time in software development. Not every engineer learns about the stuff that matters in his education. Also it’s easy to grab information around the topic, but not so easy to try the stuff out to really understand what it’s about (unless you are willing to to do non legal stuff…). So I was extremely happy today to learn about a security tool which is really useful to tackle this:


DVWA – Damn Vulnerable Web Application

What does it do?



The SKOBS Layer – or: why back end systems don’t matter (for the consumer)

What the heck is SKOBS? SKOBS stands for: Some Kind Of Back end Systems.

I came up with the term in a pitch with a client that had an awful lot of back end systems. and since he always had troubles to integrate with new software I wanted to make clear, that the system we developed at do not care about the back end systems a lot. For our platform it’s just important that we get the data we need from somewhere. Why did we go for that approach? The folks behind the platform made a lot of ecommerce projects and therefore know a lot about the pain of integrating with back ends. So one idea of the platform was that it needed an outstanding independence from the back end systems to create an abstraction layer that is able to do all kind of things. That approach has two major advantages. We can act fast and work with data that already exists. And the front end can stay the same even if the customer changes the back end systems down the road.