Episode 10: amazon go technology deep dive

This Week in eCommerce

In this weeks episode Alex and Kai take a deep dive into amazons latest viral news: amazon go. They look behind the curtain and discuss the technology behind it plus the impact it may has on the retail industry.

amazon go

amazons project website – http://amazon.com/go

Amazon Go – A 3D Approach To Create Great Customer Experiences – https://goo.gl/SO9eLN

Amazon just opened a grocery store without a checkout line – https://goo.gl/asfU3U

Amazon Go Will Not Kill Retail As We Know It – https://goo.gl/KA6woL

Amazon won’t shake up your neighborhood store anytime soon – https://goo.gl/Y7xXkn

Will Amazon Go replace jobs? ‘I don’t think we can stop it,’ author says – https://goo.gl/MHIk2S

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