Yeah… that’s me – kind of…

I’m with the retail/ecommerce industry in one way or another for long over a decade now (and still alive). And yes: I know how to work a POS, restock shelves, make logistics and warehouses for B2B and B2C and how freaking cold a stock-taking in a deep-freeze warehouse is…

For most of the time I was somewhere between project management and software development. So the logic development was to modernize somehow and go into ecommerce. And I fell in love with it.

In the last couple of years I had the chance to work with and for some major brands in the retail industry and be part of their ecommerce efforts (take a look here).

And the best part of it? I am currently working on it / with it / being part of it. I work as VP Engineering Mobile Commerce with NewStore Inc. and a brilliant team. As former co-founder and COO of CouchCommerce we started out on this task. And together we are on a great journey to the ecommerce of the future, always on the technological edge, always innovative and always open to new discoveries. If you like to join this journey just drop me a line..


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